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How to Motivate and Encourage Your Dealership Team

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Aug 31, 2021 10:00:00 AM


For most businesses, employees are the driving force to success. That is not any different in the dealership industry. With numerous dealerships in the market, the competition is stiff. Therefore, you must deploy strategies to be on top of the game and compete favorably. The most crucial strategy is ensuring you keep your dealership team motivated and encouraged at all times.

Motivating employees will improve their morale and satisfaction at work, thus increasing your company's performance, productivity, profits, and reputation. Finding the right strategy to keep your employees motivated can be challenging to most employers. To help you, here are some tips you can deploy to motivate and encourage your dealership team.

Set Clearly Outlined Goals

Setting goals is one of the best strategies to encourage your team. Goals ensure your employees know what they are working towards. If you don't have goals in place, your employees won't know if they meet the expected standards. Also, have the supervisor discuss these goals with the team regularly to devise means of achieving the set goals.

Ensure the set goals are specific, measurable, assignable, and tenable. In addition, have a specific timeline for achieving specific goals. However, be keen not to set too difficult goals that can demotivate the team or too easy to achieve goals that encourage employee complacency. Most importantly, incorporate your employees in setting up the goals. This will motivate them since they feel part of the process.

Guarantee Employee Safety

To encourage your team, you should provide a safe working environment. Dedicate resources to build a comprehensive safety program and train your workers on safety measures. Give daily or weekly tips and guides on how to keep safe at work. In addition, your company's leadership should address any safety mishap in an effective and timely manner. If your employees feel unsafe at work, they will find it difficult to focus on their duties.

Have a strict safety policy in place to reinforce all safety measures. Remember, failure by one employee to keep safe can endanger the rest of the team. Most importantly, ask for employee feedback and make the necessary adjustments to address any safety concerns. With a safe working environment, employees feel you have their best interest at heart and motivate them to put more effort into work.

Reward Your Team Members

Since you have goals in place, create a reward system. A reward system will motivate your team and encourage follow-through on different duties. Providing incentives will motivate your employees to put more effort into earning the reward. Rewarding your employees also shows you value their time and effort in their job.

These incentives can be anything captivating. For example, you can give gift cards, bonuses, shopping vouchers, longer lunch breaks, a prime parking spot, pay raises, etc. One of the most common tried-and-true incentives is an employee of the month recognition. Be sure to have the honor where other employees and clients can see. Lastly and most importantly, ensure the reward system is fair and transparent to avoid losing trust from your employees.

Check on Your Team

You should keep a close relationship with your team and continually check on them. While most employers prefer sharing concerns in team settings to save time, you can have a platform for employees to share their problems individually. This will encourage them to air their complaints with confidence without fearing intimidation from other employees. It will also enable your employees to share their challenges that may need confidentiality.

When you notice behavior changes or lower performance from anyone, address it immediately. Find out how they are feeling and what challenges they may be facing at work or even away from their work environment. Do your best to support them resolve those challenges. That way, you will gain trust from your employees and encourage them to work more diligently.

Let Us Support You

Having a motivated and encouraged team is crucial for your dealership's success.  At Vanguard Dealer Services, our team of experts is ready to assist you to motivate and encourage your dealership team for better results. Ensure you contact us today to learn more about how we can support you.

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