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Ways to Make Your Menu Selling Presentation More Appealing to Customers

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Oct 4, 2017 1:15:00 PM

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If you've educated your dealership staff on all aspects of finance and insurance, it's time to look at how you present menu options to customers. Menu selling is almost an art form on its own in how you present it to car buyers.

The key to success is to bring a transparent approach, customization, engagement, and leveraging data in a smart way. Let's look at these in detail to nurture customer trust.

Being Transparent About the Products You Offer

Many F&I analysts note many car buyers feel wary of sales tactics when it comes to buying financing and insurance products. It's why you need to take time to show customers exactly what each product is and how they help.

Transparency like this proves your honesty and brings a proactive approach to your presentation. A consultative environment with others in your dealership makes the F&I presentation a group effort and more personalized.

Customizing the Menu Through Technology

Just showing menu options on a desktop computer isn't always enough to bring a customized experience for the customer. It's better to customize the menu based on what the customer bought so it showcases specific products designed just for them.

Don't hesitate to use mobile devices (especially tablets) to present your menu. Doing this allows you to hand the tablet to the customer so they peruse their options without a salesman leering over their shoulder.

Creating More Engagement With the Menu Choices

Mobile technology allows far more engagement with the products you offer, though this can also involve a human element. Part of this comes in upsell opportunities, especially when you give more control to the customer to browse product options.

In other words, letting them take their own time can lead to more engagement with you talking about buying related products.

Taking Data Seriously

Use metrics with your existing customers to see what kind of products would best fit their driving lifestyle. You can achieve this through digital surveys, which you could present right in your office. Analytics from the survey answers can help you customize your menu presentation in real-time.

When customers see you've taken time to understand what they need for their new car, they'll remove the old notion of F&I being a burdensome process.

Contact us at Vanguard Dealer Services so we can help you achieve a better menu selling presentation, including choosing effective products.

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