Motivate Your Dealership Sales Team to Succeed


As a sales manager or director, motivating your sales employees is imperative for sustained success in an increasingly competitive automotive dealership marketplace. Recent studies estimate that engaged and motivated employees translate to 21% more profitability for the company and a 59% reduction in turnover rates. Here are four practical tips to energize your dealership sales team:

Recognize and celebrate success

Sales achievements are more than just a result of hard work. They are also opportunities to challenge and re-energize your team. When you publicly acknowledge and celebrate individual and team achievements, you boost team morale and encourage more effort. Recognition also shows your team you value individual efforts and appreciate them, which in turn enhances loyalty and performance. Praise and rewards can also increase individual members' confidence and foster team cohesion and trust.

Encourage career development

Recognizing and celebrating achievements is excellent, but if you can't encourage career development, you are not getting the most out of your team. Evidence from leading dealerships demonstrates that supporting opportunities for career growth and advancement pays off in measurable bottom-line ROI. A 2022 Indeed Work Happiness Report shows employees who focus on career growth experience less stress and anxiety and are more confident and satisfied with their jobs. That means supporting career growth will help you motivate and retain your current sales team while also attracting the ideal talent to take your dealership to the next level.

Utilize technology and tools

Set your dealership employees up for success by equipping them with the latest technologies and tools that enhance efficiency. Perform a routine audit of your sales and marketing tools to determine whether they are accessible to every member and relevant to the current market dynamics. You should also ensure all your tools, including CRM, DRM, and sales platforms, integrate for seamless usage. Dealership tools and technologies to consider include:

  • An accurate dealer management system (DMS)

  • Dynamic paid advertising

  • Email marketing platform

  • Vehicle pricing tools

  • Text communication tools

  • Virtual showrooms

  • Online chats

  • Social media

  • Optimized dealership website

Maintain open communication

Another effective way to engage and motivate your sales team is through strong and purposeful communication. As a leader, ensure transparent and open lines of communication between management and the sales team. Active listening and paying close attention to nonverbal communication cues will help maintain open and effective communication. During everyday interactions, ask questions requiring more than just the usual "yes" and "no" answers to get in-depth feedback and opinions.

With nearly 17,000 franchised car dealerships across the US, keeping your sales team energetic and engaged is integral to your success. A well-motivated team yields incredible results, powering sustainable growth and profitability even through adversity. Contact Vanguard Dealer Services today for more tips about encouraging your sales team and keeping them energized.


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