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The Benefits of Promoting from Within your Dealership

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Jul 1, 2019 10:32:00 AM

Woman wOrange Clipboard2When it comes to hiring within a dealership, finding someone brand new to your company isn’t the only way to go. You might find better candidates with the current staff in your dealership. Here are a few reasons why promoting from within your dealership might be a better way to “hire”.

A Boost to Morale

Promoting from within the dealership is great for morale. If you have new employees, they see that there is room within the company to advance their career. When they realize this, they will work even harder at their job so help secure their next promotion. 

When you work with some of the same people over an extended period of time, you start to form work friendships. Seeing one of your friends that you see work hard every day get that big promotion makes the other employees happy by seeing their success.

Great for Business

When you promote from within, you don't have to take the time and expense of trying to find someone outside the company and then pay for their training. You will already have someone in the company that knows the ins and outs of how to do different tasks around the dealership. They are already familiar with the dealership and the employees that work there. 

Consistent Friendly Faces

With most dealerships, you have returning customers. When your regular customers come in, they love seeing the friendly faces that they are used to seeing. If you were to promote from outside, they would have to get to know a new person, whereas promoting within they can congratulate the employee on their hard work. 

Knowing About Their Work Ethic

When you hire someone new, it takes time to get to know them and to see what their true work ethic is. When they first start, they will be ready to go every day waiting to get things done. However, with some after a period of time, their "true" work ethic will start to shine through. Hiring within takes that time out of the process because you already know the employee's work ethic that you are promoting, and you know they worked hard and deserve this promotion.

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