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Effective Ways to Go About Menu Selling in Your Dealership's Finance Department

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Aug 23, 2017 11:12:00 AM

Effective Ways to Go About Menu Selling in Your Dealership's Finance Department.jpgOne of the challenges you've likely had to deal with in your dealership's F&I department is finding ways to best organize your menu selling. With so many products available for a car buyer to choose from, it can overwhelm them if you present a long scroll of ways to protect their vehicle.

So what can you do to make menu selling more organized? With the right technology and approaches to accommodating specific customers, you'll bring a new way to give what customers really need.

Using Technology to Organize Your Menus

Real-time data is important in menu selling because it gives updates on the latest pricing changes related to insurance or other products. Being able to re-work deal payments instantly is also important so customers make better decisions on what they buy.

Most importantly, you should present your menus in a variety of formats. Your customers may prefer print, a digital slide show, a physical brochure, or a video.

All of this focuses on more customer targeting so car buyers find F&I products truly right for their lifestyles.

Tailoring F&I Products to Specific Customers

Automotive News reported in 2012 that many car dealerships now customize F&I products for customers with differing circumstances. Thanks to this, F&I sales have gone up at many dealerships.

Step-selling for aftermarket products is still around, though you're not seeing it as much as you did over a decade ago. The customer preference approach to menu selling is going to help sell more products while better protecting drivers based on their risk factors.

Keep in mind customizing goes beyond helping your revenue. It helps you meet compliance issues through flexible product packages. Plus, you're bringing customer loyalty to your dealership because of your more personalized service. Car buyers are more likely to come back to service their cars through you.

Contact us at Vanguard Dealer Services so we can help you with menu selling and finding the best F&I products available.

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