The Benefits of Attending F&I Conferences


Staying up to date with the Finance and Insurance field is demanding. Look at it this way: F&I conferences are a yearly investment that reaps benefits in worker productivity and competence. These conferences also provide a venue for networking, promoting brand recognition through product placement, and learning about relevant new technologies. 

Making Connections

In today's automotive world, salespeople struggle to reach the Millennial consumer. According to Richard Fry of Pew Research Center, "Millennials are expected to overtake Boomers in population by 2019". It is important that executives and employees understand how to meet the needs of this new customer base. F&I conferences in the last four years have featured speakers such as the generational expert Jason Dorsey. In these seminars, employees and executives have been taught how to market to the Millennial consumer more effectively. The F&I conferences aim to increase your employees' ability to understand the greatest challenges facing the automotive sector.

Brand Recognition

Finance and Insurance conferences are hotbeds for creating networking connections. They inspire and educate employees. Conferences also provide an excellent avenue for promoting brands and products. The Auto Finance Summit 2018 in Las Vegas showcased over 100 top industry vendors. With a captive audience of knowledgeable colleagues and industry experts, F&I conferences offer a unique opportunity for brand recognition.

Technology: Stay in Sync

Staying in sync with your customers' expectations is important. Karl Brauer of CBT News suggests that "digital storefront(s) should also enable car shoppers to start the buying process online". This is one way of connecting with the needs of the modern Millennial consumer. A knowledgeable salesperson will be able to relate to the specific needs of each customer and complete the sale paperwork in-house. Many customers will have already researched finance and insurance options. The salesperson who is well versed in F&I will be able to adequately meet the needs of today's increasingly savvy buyer. Contact us for more information on how to increase your dealership sales and profitability.


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