Key Traits of a Top Dealership Business Manager


In any industry, one of the most crucial elements of a successful, expanding enterprise is that they have the best leaders. Great business managers play a significant role in helping organizations not just to achieve their objectives, but also exceed them. Successful dealership business managers across the country utilize different strengths to achieve their goals year after year. But it is a priority that an organization recruits someone who meets several standard thresholds when it comes to dealership management.

Here are the traits that you must look for when hiring a business manager for your dealership:

Communication Skills

An effective dealership manager must know how to get across their ideas, desires, business goals, and much more. Also, they have to be able to accommodate the opinions and thoughts of others. Other than giving feedback, they should also be able to interact correctly with fellow employees and clients of all ages.

Confidence and Positivism

A confident manager can fearlessly tackle challenging issues in the company and have difficult conversations with team members. They can also address potential investors, customers, journalists, and lenders. A positive leader will also find opportunities during challenges instead of giving up.  

Team Player

The manager should be able to cultivate a healthy team culture in the business. This may involve encouraging collaborations between employees at any level by offering interaction opportunities, recognition for additional effort. They should also listen to the staff and address any issues that may limit their productivity.


The moment the staff members stop believing whatever their leader says, things begin to fall apart. A good manager should understand the importance of transparency and honesty and lead by example. By maintaining honest and open exchanges between them and junior staff, the firm will have trusting and healthy relationships.


Great managers know that they are responsible for the performance of every team member. They should be able to invest in their juniors and commit to helping them to flourish professionally. This will definitely keep the employees engaged and dedicated to the course.


A good manager should be understanding. They should be able to put themselves in anyone's shoes and imagine what it feels to be in their position. A manager who does not listen to the junior staff may kill their morale and limit their general productivity.

It may be challenging to get that candidate with all these attributes, but they are available. Worst case, you can go for the candidate with a majority of the traits and your dealership business should do just fine. Contact us and learn how you can get our free job placements, sales training, federal and state compliance programs, and much more in exchange for selling our aftermarket and F&I products.


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