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How Dealerships Can Deliver Lasting Impressions to Build Loyal Customers

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Jun 24, 2019 9:59:39 AM

couple-customer-service-vds-smKnow What the Consumers are Learning

Everything is on the internet, and many people are savvy, digital detectives. Before you can beat out the competition, be sure your sales team is familiar with what car buyers may be learning on their own. A perfect example is found on

Now, let's look at one consumer's journey to purchasing a car, as found on Think with Google. This consumer took a lot of time to research through "searches, visits, video views, and clicks – were on Google, YouTube, manufacturer websites, dealer websites, and review websites." Notice the stages of her buyer's journey.

The buyer's step, "Stacey's where-should-I-buy-it moments," shares vital dealership information. "The visit to the dealership remains a crucial step for many car buyers."

Competition is High, Make a Golden Impression

Once you have educated your sales team what is important to consumers and the process car buyers are taking, it's time to build a golden team.

The First Contact

First, when might the first impression happen? In today's techno-savvy age, first connections may not be in person. It can be over the phone or via email. Everyone that has any "first connections" with your potential customers or repeat customers must give the best impression, a.k.a. the golden impression.

The Greeting

No matter who makes the first contact with a customer, it must be welcoming and kind. From the receptionists to the sales floor, incoming phone calls or customers walking in should be treated as if they are the most important person of the day. People want to feel important.

The Smile

Smiles are contagious, especially in sales. We know that greeting someone with a smile has an immediate effect on a person to feel welcomed. Having a smile while talking on the phone can be just as effective.

The Email Connection

Quick email replies with happy greetings is a must. Ask The Manager has some helpful information to make sure you're not losing potential customers in the digital world.

Make Lasting Impressions

After the first contact is made with a smile or a happy greeting, the next part is winning over your customer's trust by showing them that you sincerely care about their need to find the perfect car, within their budget, and on their timeline. 

On HubSpot, you see there is quite a list to becoming a good car salesperson. Most of all, be real. That means be yourself. Don't try and use a "sales-y" attitude.

  • Once you learn your customer's name, be sure to use it and remember it.
    • "Make eye contact" to keep them engaged. 
  • Listen more than you talk, and let the customer know they matter. 
    • Remember, they probably have done some homework.
  • Be sure you have done your homework, and you have a wealth of knowledge about the cars on your lot.
    • If they mention a specific car, you have an idea of their price range.
    • You can show your customer they have options.
  • Never talk negatively about another dealership, especially if they mention they have already visited other dealerships.
    • Obviously, they are still looking.
    • You have the chance to make them your customer.
  • "Don't be pushy" but entice them to experience the car that has their interests.
    • Let them get the feel of the interior. 
    • Show them the features.
    • Take them on a test drive.
  • Never seem bored or use negative language.
    • If they seem indifferent, show them a car that you know they will love to drive and tell them why.
  • Leave the price discussion for last.
    • Take the time to show them the value of your dealership by taking them on the tour to learn about your customer service.
  • If the sale is not made, "be the last face they see."
    • Follow-up with any exciting news, especially any deals coming soon.
  • If the sale is a go, let them know that you look forward to having them as a long-lasting customer. 
    • If you haven't taken them on the tour to meet their service manager and other dealership staff, now is a perfect time.
    • They are part of your dealership family, and you want them to walk away sharing the experience. 

If you're looking for dealership solutions, we want to hear from you. Our mission is to offer exciting and smart solutions to help our clients maximize profit opportunities while delivering the best in customer experiences. 

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