Branding Your Dealership Using Social Media — The Ultimate Guide


Every business—regardless of the industry—needs to have a robust social media presence to make it in today's technologically advanced world. Social media has redefined everything, from how people purchase cars to the way they perceive dealerships and build loyalty. According to Google, 95% of vehicle buyers use online resources before making a purchase.

The automotive industry, therefore, has to adapt as more consumers turn to social. You need to start thinking of ways to utilize this rising trend in branding your dealership. It is time you invest in social selling to expand your market reach, increase sales, and build a strong brand. Luckily, below are five social media strategies to help you with dealership branding.

Show Off Your Showroom

Did you know that you can creatively share your brand's story through images? Sharing pictures of your showroom will allow consumers to imagine themselves driving your vehicles. However, it will help to find creative ways of showcasing your showroom to create a long-lasting impression.

Luckily, Instagram is all about taking pictures and videos to share with your followers. You can use this platform to market and brand your dealership to millions of millennials. After all, this study suggests millennials will hugely contribute to a vehicle-buying boom in 2021.   

Involve Your Team by Letting Them Share and Engage with Your Brand

Broadcasting different content on social media is not enough to tell your brand story. It will help to add a human connection if you want to build a formidable dealership brand. Doing this is an excellent way to open up communication between prospective clients and your brand.

Therefore, start by encouraging your staff to engage and share with your brand. Utilize your social platforms as a means to communicate rather than advertise. It helps humanize your brand when your team shares their experiences. Ensure you start with posting pictures and videos of your staff to act as the face of your establishment.

Target Your Customers with Facebook Ads

According to Unified research, auto ads get up to 2 times click-through rates than average ads on Facebook. Therefore, targeting consumers through Facebook ads is a worthwhile investment for a dealership. Building your brand will also be easier since you get to interact with more potential clients.

However, start by designing ads targeted at people who have shown interest in buying a car. It will also help to narrow down geographical areas to appeal to customers near your dealership. Sort prospective consumers by gender, vehicle type, interests, and more.

Provide Vehicle Information Through YouTube Video Marketing

Recent research by Force Marketing shows that 84% of car buyers intend to watch a short auto video on their next car purchase. Today's car consumers want to know everything about a vehicle, including safety features, model comparisons, and connected devices. A YouTube Video is an excellent way of showcasing all the above information while building your brand.

However, doing this does not mean you shouldn't embed videos on your website. Instead, host the videos on your YouTube channel to get more organic visibility. It will also help build brand loyalty by delivering high-quality cars as illustrated in your videos.

Take Advantage of Pinterest

Most dealership marketers make the critical mistake of focus on popular social sites that they forget about Pinterest. However, it is among the top marketing channels due to its high female base. You can build your brand and appeal to female shoppers by targeting Pinterest.

Equally, it is among the best social sites for building your dealership's SEO presence. It allows you to share inventory pictures and landing pages while pinning blog posts. Doing this helps you create social waves, thus increasing your website traffic.

 We Are Here to Help

Dealership branding starts with having an experienced partner to guide you in your social media efforts. At Vanguard Dealer Services, we can help you find the right approach to drive sales and build brand loyalty. Ensure you contact us today to find out more about how we can help.


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