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Automotive Finance and Insurance Training: Know the Details

Automotive Finance and Insurance Training - Know the Details.jpg

A new automobile is a serious investment for customers and dealerships alike, with legal rights and responsibilities. Do your dealers have the knowledge they need to know in order to close the deal and ensure that customers drive away satisfied and covered? You invest in sales training, you take time to make sure dealers are familiar with the latest models. Do you invest in automotive finance and insurance training as well? Here are just a couple of automotive finance and insurance options you should consider:


Vehicle Loss Insurance

Private owners are required to insure their cars against accidents and other emergency situations. Doubtless you have insurance for your place of business, but does this insurance have a high deductible (maybe even close the cost of a car?) Your product is your livelihood and in the case of automobile sales that product is a mobile one, frequently driven by test drivers, subject to theft and property damage outside your control. Make sure your dealers and management know their options and are aware of specialized insurance designed to predict these valuable sales items.

For more information about automotive finance and insurance training and for products tailored to your place of business, contact us today and see how Vanguard Dealer Services can help.



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