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Using a Sales Strategy and Proficiency Analysis for Salesperson Development

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on May 9, 2018 1:34:47 PM

Using a Sales Strategy and Proficiency Analysis for Salesperson Development

Despite having a successful sales team in your car dealership for a while, you may feel you could do better after noticing you're not keeping up with competitors. Or, maybe your prior sales team moved on and you're left with bringing your new sales team up to your previous level.

In either scenario, training time to help develop sales technique is never an easy process. Attempting to do training and develop a sales strategy on your own can often lead to downtime and making mistakes in approach.

Hiring a dealership consultant team with an efficient sales strategy and proficiency analysis program, you'll find an easier method.

Where Does a Sales Strategy Start?

Once you hire a dealership consultancy to help with your strategy, they'll always start with a thorough analysis of your business first. Consultants are essential to this process because it gives an unbiased look at what your sales strategy really is.

Because you have allegiance to your own sales staff, bias can easily creep in when analyzing what they're doing right or wrong. Dealing with reality is the only way to overhaul a strategy from the ground up.

The acceptance that your sales staff needs more training might sound impossible to deal with now. Yet, it won't when you have a training team sticking by your side on your own time.

Learning a Sales Strategy Through a Gradual Process

Learning proper sales technique should always become a process rather than a crash course. Even though you and your sales staff have limited time available, it's better to learn gradually rather than expect to retain information quickly.

A one-on-one training process that works on everyone's schedule is a more efficient way to do things. When you find a consultant team agreeing to work with your sales team as long as necessary until they learn each new process, you've found something special.

What's most important is to have the learning done on-site and during real-world situations so it doesn't require your sales team imagining a scenario. Learning in another location doesn't always give a sense of reality, even if it depends on the skills being taught.

Selling an Experience Rather Than a Car

One thing your consultant team is going to teach you is how different times are now in what people want in car sales. They want an experience rather than having you go through the usual sales motions.

Part of this experience includes using more digital menus to display features and F&I products. Since a lot of car buyers research online anyway, this adds more detailed information about the car they're considering.

Also, bringing more transparency about pricing and various perks will keep customers more interested in the sales pitch.

Opening all channels of communication is equally important so prospects can get back to you easily if they have questions before making a buying commitment.

Going Through a Proficiency Analysis

The techniques above are just some elements of a sales strategy, but they all need monitoring by your consultant team. Once they're efficiently taught, being able to analyze how your sales team uses these skills is imperative.

If your training team is worth what they say, they won't just train you once and then leave you to fend for yourself. Doing a proficiency analysis is the only way to ensure your sales team has all skills as a part of their work routine.

With sales technique being more complex than ever, it's going to take time for them to fully implement every step. Through careful observation by your consultants during a real car sale, you'll have a more assured method of training.

Contact us at Vanguard Dealer Services to use our sales strategy and proficiency analysis program as a guarantee toward complete sales success this year.

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