Spring Into Sales: Maximizing Sales Opportunities


Spring is a promising time of year for any car dealership because with warm weather comes the desire for getting out and about. People start thinking about the trips they want to take, the activities they want to pursue, and the vehicle they'll need to get there.  While the exact timing depends on your regional weather patterns, that first wave of the breath of Spring should breathe new life into your dealership sales opportunities.

Pre-Summer Digital Marketing Strategy

As soon as warm weather starts to settle in, your local customers will start to think about summer. Road trips, vacations, and family visits all factor into their anticipation of the summer season. Align your digital marketing strategy with those dreams, placing the benefits of a new vehicle in their vision of the perfect summer season traveling the road that is just ahead of them. Visualizations of happy customers in their new ride, hitting the road, will speak to their own sense of adventure.

Relay The Benefits of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for Long Drives

Everyone wants to save on gas when it comes time for a road trip. It’s the perfect timing to educate customers about the benefits of a fuel-efficient vehicle, particularly for those long summer drives. Whether traveling for a purpose or just to travel, a new vehicle could result in more efficient travel costs from destination to destination.

Safety Features for the Summer Season

While safety is a paramount factor all year long, many summer trips are taken with family, which means safety features are even more prominent. Highlight the latest safety features in your vehicle models that will keep everyone – children, friends, and relatives safer during summer travel.

Emphasize Outdoor Capabilities

For those dreaming of a more rugged adventure, show off vehicles that have outdoor capabilities. Evoke visions of the perfect camping trip and limitless adventures with a vehicle that can go the distance.

Off-Roading and Campground Navigation

Four-wheel drive is a major draw for customers dreaming of summer outdoor activities. A vehicle's ability to take to the dirt roads - and beyond - is appealing to many audiences that love national parks and the ability to navigate remote campgrounds while exploring the great outdoors.

Cargo Space and Towing Capacity

Adventurers who stay on the road can't deny the value of cargo space, extra cargo racks, and towing capabilities for trailers and recreational vehicles to come along for the ride.

Host Outdoor Events

The first warm weekends of spring are the perfect time to showcase your summer-ready vehicles in a more natural environment. Show off features that incorporate the tailgating, camping, and outdoor fun potential of vehicles ready to be taken on their first real adventure.

From there, plan a few scenic routes around the outskirts of town to take curious customers on test drives so they can fall in love with their summer vehicle.

Convertibles and Sunroofs

On beautiful breezy days, there is nothing like a convertible or sunroof to let the sunshine in. Hold a top-down deals special where you showcase all your models that are the most appealing for cruising in the sun.

Turbo-Charged ACs That Beat the Heat

Different commuters have different priorities, but all drivers need air conditioning when driving through hot summer weather. Consider putting a spotlight on models with turbo-charged AC systems and advanced front-and-back ventilation arrays that are sure to cool everything down.

If your dealership is gearing up for warm weather sales, boost your summer strategies and profitability with the help of Vanguard Dealer Services.



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