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Tips to Improve Your F&I Process with Your Customers

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Mar 22, 2021 5:16:54 PM


The F&I process is crucial in every dealership. According to research by NADA, an average dealership company reaps half of its profits from F&I products. Therefore F&I process and strategy need to be exemplary. Companies are consistently looking for approaches to improve their sales processes and customer experience. Below are four ways to improve the F&I process in your dealership.

  1. Frequent Review of the F&I Products

The F&I managers, together with the rest of the team, have a role in reviewing terms with the customer and ensuring that they receive the vehicle in an entirely satisfactory condition. Remember, buying a car is a major purchase.

The reviews should be provided for in a diligent manner since laws keep changing. It’s prudent to keep in mind that consumers have negative and positive perceptions and plan responses accordingly. Therefore, your employees must be on board with the dealership approach and make appropriate adjustments.

  1. Roll playing Among Business Managers

Roll playing offers a safe atmosphere for business managers to work through or confront different scenarios in their day-to-day roles. Business managers who engage in roll playing activities may have the edge over non-roll playing competitors. It builds confidence and helps the team to develop creative problem-solving skills. It also assists in developing better listening skills, which are crucial when dealing with customers. The activity should be offered to the team as an ongoing training opportunity and not just a one-time event.

  1. Scheduled Review Meetings with Your Team

Once you set a strategy to improve the F&I process, you need to review what is successful and determine what requires improvement. Involve your team in the assessment. Due to the exceptional dynamism in the automotive business environment, you have to carry out the reviews consistently. Make sure you schedule the time.

You may realize the need for an expert’s insights to effectively help your company adjust and align your approach. With any changes that are made, ensure that you have an effective way of communicating the updates or changes to everyone on the team.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Gartner Research reveals that companies that actively listen to customer feedback use 25% less effort to retain clients than those who do not. Nail down a tactic that collects effective feedback from customers.

Your clients will realize the quality of your process firsthand. They are in a position to help you define the best experience possible. Their insight is crucial in understanding the areas that you may have overlooked or disregarded.

The last few years have been lucrative in terms of automotive sales and the trend is expected to continue. If you are looking to improve sales processes and customer experience, you should enhance your F&I process's efficiency.

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