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Tips to Equip your Dealership to Maintain Compliance

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Oct 3, 2022 9:30:00 AM


There are state and federal regulations that every car dealership is required to comply with. The automotive industry has multiple regulations that are overwhelming for most dealerships. However, our consulting firm is here to guide you on the best ways to maintain compliance when operating your dealership. Let's discuss the three ways to achieve this!

  • Perform audits

An audit guarantee's that your dealership's paperwork is in order throughout the year. In this instance, implement a proper filing system for your dealership. This will ensure that no crucial documentation is lost. Additionally, you will have dates to conduct your monthly audits, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Stay updated on the recent compliance changes

Always check the different sources of dealership compliance regulations to see if there are any new changes. The automotive industry keeps changing its laws, and it is vital to ensure your dealership understands and implements these changes. A great way to keep up is to attend seminars and conferences and interact with other dealerships. This can give access to knowledge about new laws and regulations and how they impact your dealership if not implemented.

  • Work with a certified audit professional

To operate a successful dealership, maintaining compliance is a necessity. A great way to achieve this is to hire a certified professional to complete monthly audits for your dealership. You must also stay updated on the recent compliance regulations to stay compliant. Visit or contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

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