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Strategies for Keeping Dealership Personnel Current on Automotive Trends

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Sep 4, 2023 8:44:00 AM

GettyImages-1406287252-1000Staying competitive in the automotive market is a necessity, not an option. To excel in their roles, dealership staff must be well-informed about the latest trends, technologies, and customer preferences. Several ways to ensure this include subscribing to trade publications, providing digital marketing training, monitoring customer trends, and promoting networking opportunities. These strategies can help your business maintain a great car sales team that's ready to tackle any emerging industry demands.

Subscribing to Trade Magazines and Publications

One of the many ways to keep your dealership employees up to date about automotive trends is through trade magazines and publications. These invaluable resources provide insights, updates, and in-depth analysis of the automotive sector. Subscribing to industry-related magazines, both digital and print, and making them readily available to employees for reading and research can greatly enhance their knowledge base.

When employees stay well-versed via trade publications, they gain insights into the latest vehicle models, technologies, industry regulations, and much more. This knowledge equips them to engage with customers more effectively, answer questions confidently, and make informed recommendations.


Digital Marketing Trends Training

A robust online presence is critical for any dealership. Therefore, it’s beneficial to train employees in digital marketing trends. This includes online sales techniques, social media marketing strategies, and business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce. Providing employees with the tools and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape can enable dealerships to tap into a broader customer base and drive sales.

Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, from search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to the latest social media algorithms. Regular training sessions will ensure teams are equipped to harness the power of digital marketing effectively. They can engage potential buyers through online platforms, create compelling content, and stay ahead of competitors.


Monitoring Consumer Trends

Understanding customer preferences and market trends is paramount in the automotive industry. Consumer preferences are shaped by factors such as progressing lifestyle choices, environmental concerns, and technological advancements. These preferences vary widely, from a growing interest in electric and hybrid vehicles to a demand for advanced safety features and convenient connectivity options.

On the other hand, market trends encompass shifts in vehicle types, new technologies like autonomous driving, and an increased focus on sustainable, eco-friendly transportation solutions. Dealerships need to align their offerings with what customers want. Keeping a close eye on these trends helps them adapt their inventory and services to meet evolving customer needs.

To achieve this, consider analyzing data on customer purchases, preferences, and feedback. This way, dealerships can adapt their product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer service practices to better serve their target audience.


Leveraging Networking Opportunities

Networking is a powerful tool for staying current on automotive trends. Encourage employees to network with colleagues, both within and outside the dealership, as it can lead to valuable knowledge sharing. Within the dealership, employees from different departments can collaborate and exchange ideas. Sales staff can share customer feedback with service technicians to provide a peek into common issues and concerns.

This culture of open communication can lead to a more engaged workforce. Outside the dealership, attending automotive tradeshows, dealer 20 groups, expos, F&I conferences, seminars, etc., allows employees to connect with experts, thought leaders, and peers. These interactions can lead to beneficial knowledge exchanges and help employees stay at the forefront of vehicle industry trends.


Revving Up the Road Ahead

Dealerships that invest in keeping their employees current on automotive trends are most likely to thrive and remain relevant in the competitive auto sector. Thanks to continuous learning, such businesses boast an adaptable and forward-thinking team that stays ahead of the curve. Automotive compliance requirements are also subject to change. Staying informed about any regulation amendments will help mitigate legal issues and maintain a reputable business. As you steer your business toward a successful future, explore Vanguard Dealer Services' training programs to ensure your unit remains at the forefront of automotive excellence. 

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