Keeping Clear Communication Between the F&I Department and Sales Desk

communication-1400The success of any organization is built on clear communication. In the automobile dealership, communication between the F&I department and the sales desk can make or break the company. The two teams must work separately, but as a team through clear communication.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain clear communication between the two departments:

  1. Develop a Process

Effective communication between the F&I department and the sales desk keeps a high profitability margin for the company and maintains the dealership’s reputation. If there is no proper communication and one department is not updated, the company will have poor employee morale, and the profit margin will drop drastically.
The two departments should communicate clearly and explain where they left off with the customer before passing them to the next department. Share details about the customer so the information can be carried to the following discussion.

  1. Learn From Feedback

Feedback is vital for the success of a company. It would be best if you offered questionnaires to the customer for feedback on their experience. The questionnaire will help the dealership identify problems that are affecting the business and are able to handle them effectively.

  1. Keep Morale High

Remind your employees they are on the same team working towards the same goal and mission. Dealerships must inform the employees of any company problems and how to handle a situation if it arises. When you communicate beforehand, you give your employees time to reason and brainstorm ideas to address the issue.
You can organize team-building activities to show the employees the need for teamwork. You should also schedule meetings weekly to review any progress and plan on what is next.

Final thoughts

If your dealership wants to keep the profit margin high, clear communication between the F&I department and the sales team is essential. You should have a process and a good team that understands the other department’s role.

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