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How to Increase Customer Retention at Your Dealership

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Jan 18, 2021 9:30:00 AM



Customers need a good reason to come back to your dealer shop. You can provide it by offering an excellent customer experience. Statistics show that 84% of businesses that improve customer experience get higher revenue. A fantastic experience when buying a new car, accessories, or servicing a vehicle can keep the customers coming back. Here are five tips on how to increase customer retention

  1. Engage your Customers

Pay attention to what the customers are saying about your dealership. Look at positive or negative feedback on customer experience. You can proactively conduct an online survey to get opinions. Analyze the feedback and implement the things that will boost customer satisfaction.

  1. Manage your Reputation and Customer Reviews

Most customers are researching online before purchasing a car or accessories from a dealer. One of the things that customers are looking for when searching for a dealership online is customer reviews. Approximately 84% of customers who read online reviews trust the reviews. It is vital that you carefully track and manage online reviews about your dealership, both good and bad. 
• Negative Reviews
 Nobody wants to get bad reviews, but you can use negative reviews to gain more confidence from your customers. If a customer gives a negative review and states their problem, listen, and quickly offer a solution. Go an extra mile to provide useful contacts that will swiftly resolve the issue.
• Positive Reviews
 Don't ignore positive feedback. Appreciate the customers who are satisfied with your services and have posted a positive review by thanking them. Widely share the positive reviews on your social media platforms.

You can monitor and track what people are saying about your dealership using online tools like Google alerts and review trackers.

  1. Use Data and Follow-up Customers

Follow up your customers with helpful reminders, personalized messages, and updates after the purchase. Data analytics can provide relevant information that will give you insights about the customers who are likely to get the services you offer. You will also know the buyer behavior and send personalized messages without being intrusive, using software like CRM.  

Follow up and engage your customers so that they can keep coming back to your showroom. You can use various opportunities like data analytics, customer feedback, and monitoring reviews online to improve customer retention. When you improve customer experience, your dealership becomes the go-to place for repeat customers. Contact us to learn more about customer retention. 

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