How Your Dealership Can Attract the Best Employees


If you own a dealership, you know your success is only as prosperous as your team allows it to be. A quality salesforce and infrastructure is critical to building your profit, and to get the salesforce you desire, you need to know how to attract the right people. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you attract the right people to help your business thrive.

Build a Strong Brand

Building and displaying a solid brand through your online presence is vital to attracting quality people to work for your company. When job searching, candidates will look at your social media, employee review sites, and website. To make sure that your company is representing themselves in a positive light, pay attention to these details:

Website Mission Statement and About Us Description 

  • Looking at a dealership's website is a common first step for potential applicants. You want to know how your company is described and what you portray as your values. Showcasing a dealership with a strong sense of community and comradery is critical to attracting the right people.

Employee Review Sites

  • Several websites exist to give applicants a better idea of what working for a dealership entails, from the dynamics to the salary potential. Staying on top of the reviews and addressing issues that arise can help you create a more positive brand image. 

Social Media Profiles

  • Social media profiles are a fantastic way to display your store's culture and dynamics. Applicants want to know what being a part of your community will feel like. Social media also allows your company to interact with customers and showcase that you are invested in the automotive industry. Regularly posting and responding to others showcases a company that cares about its employees and customers. 

Employee Development Opportunities

Most often, when accepting a job offer, quality applicants want to see growth potential. Having the potential to grow within a business drives motivation and encourages teamwork. You can try different tactics to display your dealership's growth potential.

Highlight Internal Promotions

  • You are showing your employees loyalty by emphasizing that your dealership prefers to promote within. It will create a positive and motivated work environment where employees stay motivated and perform at their peak level. 

Provide Training Programs

  • Training programs are an effective way to encourage growth among your team. Motivated employees, even outside of the sales team, can gain valuable skills to assist your dealership and help them qualify for promotions.

Employee Recognition Programs

When you work hard, it feels great to be recognized. Employee recognition programs encourage teamwork, hard work, and a healthy dose of competition. They help employees feel appreciated and, in turn, increase both productivity and retention. Some examples of Employee Recognition Programs you can implement are:

  • Customer Service Awards
  • Years of Service Awards
  • Employee of the Month
  • Sales Goals Recognition and Rewards
  • Company Outings and Celebrations
  • Social Media Acknowledgement


Creating a positive company culture while representing a solid brand will attract a quality workforce, increasing productivity and profit. Attracting the best employees is not luck. You can take several steps to ensure you have the highest caliber team at your dealership. To get more ideas on improving your hiring process and keeping your staff motivated, contact us today. 


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