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How Dealerships Can Use Social Media to Enhance Brand Awareness

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Jun 9, 2020 3:08:21 PM


The success of any business, to some extent, depends on whether target customers are aware of its existence or not, which is why brand awareness is a critical factor of consideration. Dealerships can benefit a lot by promoting their brand to increase awareness, and one of the ways they can achieve this is through social media.

Social sites are a powerful tool in the hands of any auto dealer that wants to grow their brand because it acts as a platform for improving awareness. Here is some insight into how you can use social media to enhance brand awareness.

  1. Consider Forming Partnerships for Cross Promotion

Partnering with other blogs that share information on dealerships by agreeing to share their posts on your social site regularly is a wise decision because they will follow suit as well. Cross-promotion gives you an upper hand if you want to leverage the trust other blogs are enjoying from their followers, which will consequently increase your reach.

Although you already have loyal customers, they may not be enough to expand your dealership, and that is where cross-promotion comes in handy because it increases your client base.

  1. Request Positive Reviews

Most individuals do their research online before opting for a particular dealership. The implication, in this case, is that if there are negative reviews on the social sites you are using as a dealer, they may drive away potential as well as existing customers. Encouraging recent clients to share positive information on your social sites will go a long way towards winning you the confidence of those seeking to engage a reputable dealership.

  1. Engage Followers Through Contests

One of the ways you can not only bring your social media followers together but also encourage them to share details about your dealership is through contests. As your social followers prepare for the competitions you are planning, they will also take time to spread the word about the same and, in turn, that will promote awareness and increase your following on social platforms.

Additionally, many people out there are looking for opportunities to break away from their busy schedules by engaging in various activities, and a social media contest will most probably be an intriguing idea. The more the number of participants in your social media contest, the more you will expand the reach of your brand, and that is why dealers should consider deploying this approach as often as possible.

  1. Involve Your Employees

Your staff members are an invaluable resource when it comes to increasing brand awareness for your dealership through social media. Involving your employees in your brand building strategy through social media by encouraging them to follow and engage more on your company page, allows their creative juices to follow while interacting with both current and potential customers closely.

Your employees have different personalities, and so do your audience on various social sites, which suggests that involving the former in creating awareness about your brand on such platforms helps them form mutual relations with your followers and that eventually promotes business growth.

  1. Prioritize Educational Blogs and Content

The likelihood of those viewing your social site becoming loyal followers will partly depend on the value they draw from that platform. Social media readers are looking for useful information and solutions for particular problems, and if you can avail that you will distinguish yourself as an authority in the automobile industry.

When online shoppers discover that your social site is where they can find the information and answers they need for various dealership questions, you will win their loyalty, and in turn, they will grow your brand by spreading the word.

Social media is not only a resource to connect with people, but a tool with which dealers can promote their brand by adopting the strategies above, and that is why you should take advantage of this opportunity. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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