Enhance Your Dealership with a Streamlined Checkout Experience


In today's internet-savvy population, most people educate themselves on what automobile they hope to drive off your lot. When you encounter well-educated customers, you don't want to lose their interest. You want to seal the deal. How can your dealership set up an express checkout experience for customers looking to shorten the purchasing process?  

  1. Create Exceptional Online Research with a User-Friendly Website

An up-to-date and user-friendly website is the first step to setting up an express checkout experience for your potential customers. You must have detailed information on your available car makes and models with features and pricing. By implementing advanced search filters, you give your customers the means to search for the vehicles that match their preferences.  

You may also want to add detailed information on any products and services your dealership offers, giving customers the time to process the information for questions online or at your dealership. While some customers prefer the non-pressured approach, others may need more in-person assistance. 

  1. Develop Online Document Submission

By allowing your potential customers to complete necessary paperwork online, you increase your chances of making more sales. Setting up an express checkout experience will leave a lasting impression and positive reviews. In addition, your sales representatives should have time to serve more in-house customers.

There is also another favorable element to setting up an online documentation format. You will collect valuable statistical information for dealership forecasting. How many potential sales? What makes and models are attracting the most customers? Do you have the inventory to support your customers' selections?

  1. Establish an Efficient In-Person Interaction

Creating an express checkout process will take time to create, train, and institute. Once you have the paperwork you want your customers to complete, your sales representatives should have the information ready to guide your customers using a consultative sales approach. You already know their needs and preferences. Your sales staff should efficiently guide customers through the final decision-making process.

Here are a couple of possibilities to consider. For every online customer submission, assign specific sales representatives who are ready to assist and guide the customer for the most efficient purchasing experience. Or, each day, all relevant dealership staff members get a printout of online customer submissions that could walk through the door. All parts must be ready to work together for an efficient express checkout. 

  1. Engage with Post-Sale Education, Support, and Appreciation

Post-sale is just as important as before, especially for referrals and online reviews. There are ways to keep your customers engaged with your dealership with education, support, and appreciation..

-Even though automobiles come with an owner's manual, sales representatives should always offer to go over the vehicle features and maintenance before customers drive off the lot after a sale.

-By offering online tutorials or virtual sessions to educate your customers, you are further enhancing your website, giving your customers a reference library at their fingertips, and giving your customers peace of mind they made the right choice in dealerships.

-Follow-up emails are easy to set up and show appreciation, keeping your customers engaged with dealership announcements and news. You can always give them the option to unsubscribe to emails, another vital statistic when querying for repeat customer business. 

Developing a strong online and in-house presence does a lot of work to streamline dealership customer checkouts. Contact us to learn more.



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