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Dealing with Factory Pressure: Finding Help with Remodels

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Feb 7, 2018 11:18:23 AM

Dealing with Factory Pressure: Finding Help with Remodels

Running a car dealership is already stressful, but it can compound when manufacturers throw expectations at you about wanting specific things done. They may expect you to remodel, update your technologies, or just generally change the aesthetics of your dealership.

A lot of these might seem impossible to do when you have a limited budget or have little time to do anything extra, especially with the disappearing front end most dealers face these days.

Another pressure point can also be manufacturers wanting you to use specific OEM F&I products. Not complying could mean facing fines, or challenges getting inventory, leading to even more problems.

You can solve these issues through an automotive consulting company that takes you step by step on how to implement solutions and manage these pressures.

Can You Realistically Remodel Your Dealership?

Maybe you realize your dealership is starting to age and that your OEM wants you to modernize to help sell more cars. While you know how inconvenient this is in keeping business going and in hurting your budget, there are some solutions.

When you work with a quality automotive consulting agency like us at Vanguard Dealer Services, you'll discover some financial paths you can take to accomplish a remodel. For instance, we can help with advances to help you get the remodel done immediately.

This gives you the cash you need now to get a remodel out of the way. Afterward, agents from our team can help you hit your sales goals to pay back any money put into changes done to your dealership.

We have years of experience working with dealers across the country assisting them with balancing their F&I sales between OEM products to alleviate pressures and the products they choose to sell through their direct or reinsured programs.

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