Creating Employee Motivation at your Dealership


Employee motivation is one of the most important parts of running a successful dealership. There are some caveats though. For example, you've got to be able to establish an effective campaign to meet the needs of your dealership, as well as engage your employees. Positive behavior recognition is a strong tool to be used and can be effective in promoting company-wide growth through increased productivity. Therefore, when you've got a successful reward and recognition program implemented, the desired behaviors of your employees will become reality, engagement will be increased, and the company culture will be strengthened. To get all these positive benefits, you've got to be sure that you've clearly communicated your expectations of your employees.

Defining Expectations, Rewards, and Recognition

You can't expect your employees to know what your expectations are for them if you don't know what they are yourself. You need to work with your leadership team to determine what you want from your employees. In order to develop a successful reward and recognition strategy, it's has to be designed to help you achieve organizational goals and deliver on the mission of the company. Ask yourself (and your leadership team):

  • What challenges are you trying to solve?
  • How do you envision success?
  • What does it (success) look like in your business?
  • What behaviors are important in your business?

Asking yourself (and your leadership team) these questions can help you establish clear expectations for your program, which will then help you measure its effectiveness. Even better, with a strong understanding of expectations, you'll be able to improve whatever you deem needs improving. Look at the core values of your business and determine what behaviors incorporate these.

We can help guide you on your way to encouraging positive behavior and motivation within the workplace using rewards and recognition. Contact us today.


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