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3 Ways to Motivate Your Dealership Employees

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on May 30, 2022 9:30:00 AM


Motivation stands out as a key aspect of a dealership. If you can't motivate your employees to work effectively, you may not sell as many cars. After all, employees need to know how to work with customers if they want the dealership to succeed. As the world recovers from a pandemic, you need to find more ways to motivate your employees and get them to succeed.


Focus on Employee Safety

First, you should make employee safety a priority. This means you should add safety precautions to protect your employees from potential dangers. For example, some of them may feel safe while they wear a mask, so you should let them do so. It comes down to identifying rules and regulations to protect everyone.


Set Goals and Offer Incentives

You also need to encourage your employees through goals and incentives. This means you should figure out a realistic goal for your business, so your employees can feel accomplished. You can even offer cash incentives to your employees for each car they sell. If they don't want extra cash, you could give them swag, merchandise, or time off.


Check on Your Employees Individually

Employees want to feel like the managers care about them. This means you should do your best to check on each of your employees regularly. For example, you can ask your employees about what stresses them out when it comes to the job, so you can make some changes. As you check-in and ask questions, you can help your employees feel motivated.



As a dealership, you need your employees to succeed. Because of this, you need to do your best to help your employees work hard and remain motivated as they work for your business. You should apply the tips listed above to help your employees out and make work less stressful for them. If you want to learn how you can improve your dealership, contact us.

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