Automotive Business Manager Training: Own the Keys

Automotive_F__I_Training_Own_the_Keys.jpgYour marketing department draws plenty of customers and you have a spectacular sales team, obtaining customers who are ready to buy, not just any car, but the car. That is, the one they're willing to make payments on for the next five years or so. The one that their teen will learn to drive in. The one they'll drive on road trips and build memories in. Yeah. That car.

Customers know they're making a huge investment. They chose your dealership because they want to drive away in a car from your lot. All that's left is closing the deal in business office.

This is where your dealership's profit is determined. Of course the options offered to the customer as your manager is drafting the contract are important, but the manner in which they invite your customer to accept these options can lead to a long road of yes-es or a dead-end no. Or, worst of all, a never-mind; I'll take my business elsewhere.

That's why automotive Business Manager training is so important for your dealership. The car is easy enough to sell. The customer can see it's beauty and design. They see what kind of engine it has and they hear that awesome sound system; they feel those comfortable seats and smell the new-car smell.

But in the business office they want to get finished and, hopefully, drive off in that car. The paperwork is not eye-appealing. Obtaining a credit report doesn't sound fun. There really isn't much in the business department that immediately appeals to the customer's physical senses. So your business managers need to know how to make that appeal.

When you're ready to take the keys to increase your profit margins, contact us about business manager development ; we'll be glad to help you out.


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