3 Tips to Increase Customer Retention at your Dealership


Bringing in new customers is always important but bringing back existing customers and building loyalty is even better. There are several ways to keep people coming back, and we'll look at 3 of the most important tips here to improve customer retention.

  1. Present your customers with an amazing first impression. There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a dealership. Why choose one over the other? It all comes down to the car buying experience. People don't want to feel like they're being sold to. In fact, More than three in five Americans (61%) feel like they're taken advantage of at least some of the time when shopping at a car dealership. They want a comforting experience, one that feels like you care about them and what they want. Buying a new car is a big decision and should be treated as such by the entire staff. Overall, make sure the entire experience is a positive one. When the customer drives out of there in a new vehicle, they should feel good about it. 


  1. The follow-up is important. You don't want to overdo it and end up getting blocked or caught in the spam folder but reaching out to the customer from time to time with any big sales or services you offer can help foster loyalty. It helps to make the customer feel like they are part of the bigger picture, like you still care about them even after the purchase. It also keeps your dealership in the back of their mind whenever they need another vehicle. 


  1. Pay attention to the feedback. We can all struggle with criticism, but that doesn't mean we should just ignore it. Pay attention to the good and the bad and use it to strengthen your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths. Not every piece of feedback will be productive, and not all of it will be accurate. Make sure to pay more attention to the trends you see in your feedback more than the individual pieces. When you notice a trend, make sure to act on it.


Ultimately, the most important part of retaining customers comes down to the very first tip on the list. If you do not provide your customer with a great experience, it is very unlikely that they will want to return. Service is key because informed client care rooted in integrity fosters trust between the consumer and the dealership The first priority should be the car-buying experience. Once that is mastered, you can move on to everything else. Remember, the customer has options when it comes to car buying. Why should they pick you?  Contact us for any other tips and tricks you might be looking for to elevate your dealership to the next level. 


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