How Can a Dealership Benefit from a Fill-In F&I Specialist?


When your Finance & Insurance Specialist takes a vacation or misses a day, a dealership can be looking at a huge hole in operations. F&I Specialists are the linchpin in your financing and credit review. They stabilize transactions and ensure both dealership and customer walk away happy.

That's why every dealership should know, when the need arises, the benefits of utilizing a Fill-in F&I Specialist. At Vanguard Dealer Services, we supply this service to our customers and can get you a fill-in at a moment's notice. A local Fill-in Specialist knows the industry and community and we certify their training and credentials.

The Benefits

When you are able to utilize a fill-in F&I specialist, you get a professional well-versed in the industry. They can accommodate all dealership needs, creating an uninterrupted process. The partnership avoids any bumps in operations.

Here's what a fill-in F&I specialist brings to the table.


Our F&I specialists adapt to the rushed nature of their service and that's being available when the call comes in. They get to the dealership as quickly as they can. And the schedule requires flexibility. The fill-in is ready to work a few hours, several days, and more.


Under the worst circumstances, your F&I operator doesn't show and suddenly you're shuffling staff or searching for trained personnel on short notice. Under the best circumstances, you call us. Once given the necessary information, we get the situation taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Fill-In F&I Specialist promises to show up with leadership, sales, and negotiation skills, using adept analytical concepts to find the best deals to fit a financial situation.


When your F&I Specialist is out, you need a substitute with experience in warranty programs, car sales, auto financing, and general finance. As much of the work is grounded in management, you get a background in that field as well.

Each dealership is unique and holds critical knowledge about the community, customers, and their needs. Your F&I manager is a big part of that operation. For the times when there is an absence, getting a fill-in to help keep you at optimal performance may be your best option. Contact us to learn more about keeping your F&I department up and running despite adversity.


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