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4 Tips to Help Improve Your F&I Process With Customers

Posted by Vanguard Dealer Services on Jul 7, 2020 9:30:00 AM


Businesses can prosper when they focus on their sales processes and provide excellent customer experiences. This is especially true for automobile dealerships, where the quality of service provided is crucial to customer retention.

One of the effective ways to grow your dealership business is by improving your F&I process. A robust Finance and Insurance department will not only help you retain your loyal customers but also allow you to get new buyers through brand image. In this article, we discuss 4 practical ways in which you can improve the F&I process with your customer. Read on to learn more.

  1. Review of F&I Products

It is common for dealerships to offer various types of F&I services and products to their customers as part of their marketing strategies. If your dealership also does this, then these offerings must be reviewed periodically.

Have your team conduct reviews at specific intervals to ensure that the product offerings are relevant. This will also give you an idea about which products are doing well and which aren't so popular. This, in turn, will help you tweak the F&I products accordingly so that more customers benefit from them.

  1. Focus on Training

To deal with customers effectively, your team members must be trained properly. One of the ways in which you can achieve this is through the use of role-playing techniques in your training. 

Role-playing methods in training helps develop certain essential skills like problem-solving acumen and listening capacity among the employees. These are useful while dealing with customers and guiding them regarding suitable F&I products.

  1. Consistent Updates

You must keep your team constantly updated about their work. Organize daily stand-up meetings to go over what everyone has been working on, what efforts are being successful and what needs improvement. This simple change will have a significant impact on the entire F&I process itself.

  1. Take Feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial component of being able to grow by keeping your buyers happy. Ask your customers pertinent questions regarding what they feel is right or wrong about the service they receive from you and you will find solutions to even the most perplexing of problems.

Once you have the feedback, be sure to take steps to evaluate the answers and prioritize them.  Then, go ahead and incorporate the appropriate suggestions to optimize your processes better. Your customers are some of the best sources to learn from when it comes to the improvement of your F&I processes.

How Can We Help You?

Having a proper and efficient F&I process in place is the key to achieving business success through customer retention. It is, thus, essential that you strive to improve the F&I process at your dealership if you are looking to provide better service quality to your customers.

For more than twenty years, Vanguard Dealer Services has been helping automobile dealerships achieve their full potential. We are an industry leader in the field of automotive consulting. When it comes to our valued customers, we help them improve their businesses by providing dealership training, appropriate consultations, and other pertinent F&I products and services.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your dealership requirements.

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