4 Compelling Ways to Improve Your F&I Process


It's a fact that happy customers spend more than unsatisfied customers and tend to come back. It only makes sense to better the customer experience as a marketing technique.

Customers often describe the F&I process as their least favorite when it comes to buying a car. Here are four ways to improve the F&I Process at your dealership.

How to Improve Your F&I Process

Encourage your team to review the F&I products you provide constantly.

Regularly customizing your menu presentation to your customers' needs works more effectively than trying to sell them everything. Take time to review your F&I products and services. It gives valuable feedback about how they're performing and how you can improve them.

Role-play - take time to train and retrain your business managers with activities such as role-playing.

Your business managers need to be qualified and informed to enhance customer experience at the F&I stage. It's best to Re-train your management team through role-playing to enact client handling methods and conflict resolution.  The investment will significantly streamline the F&I process.

Create consistent meetings with your team to review what has been working and what needs improvement.

Taking an assessment of the F&I process and regularly updating your team can give excellent results. Establishing what works and what doesn't work keeps you in the know about current F&I trends and shines a light on what needs to change. 

Ask for feedback - follow up with your customers asking for feedback on how the overall process was - get their point of view on what could be better.

Feedback from customers guarantees your improvement and their satisfaction. You can get feedback through questionnaires drafted and distributed politely.

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